June 6, 2023

Sheet Goods ATV

on Jan 7, 2023

Woodworking is the art of crafting wooden things from raw timber. Woodworking has a long background, the roots of the craft can be mapped back as much as 10,000 years.

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My shop is in a walkout basement with a steep grassy slope from the driveway.  The skateboard-like devices made for moving stock work well on hard surfaces, but not on grass.  My solution is an 8-ft. long two-wheeled cart.

To build the cart, start with a 2-1/2″ wide strip of 1/4″ plywood, 8 ft. long.  Glue and screw two 3/4″ square wood rails flush with each edge leaving a 1″ space between them. Fasten a stop block between the rails at one end. It doesn’t matter if the rails go all the way to the other end.

Attach 7” lawn mower wheels with 3” lag screws and washers to the ends of a 2×4, 18” long.  Screw and glue the 2×4 axle assembly to the plywood about 5 ft. from the stop block end.

To use the cart, load the sheet on edge between the rails with one end against the stop block.  Lift the top corner of the sheet on the stop block end and roll it wherever you need it. –Mike Larson

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