June 6, 2023

Quick, Slick Burnisher

on Jan 7, 2023

Woodworking is the art of crafting wooden things from raw timber. It is a standard craft that makes use of wood as its material of option. A woodworker is a individual that practices woodworking. Although woodworking has a lengthy history, the origins of the craft can be traced back as for 10,000 years. Take pleasure in these write-ups as well as hope you find value in them.


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A nice scraper burnisher can be made quickly for little or no cost. All you need is a cheap wooden file handle (available at hardware stores) and an old drill bit. You simply drill into the handle, then leave the bit in its hole with about 11⁄2” of the unfluted end projecting. A 1⁄4“- or 5⁄16“-diameter bit fitted into a 4”-long handle works well for the job. 

For a burnisher to work properly, it must be smooth, so use a bit on which the shank isn’t galled or pitted. If necessary, you can polish the shank before assembly by chucking it upside down in your drill press and buffing it with wet/dry sandpaper held against it like a shoeshine cloth. Use the finest grit possible to clean up any rough areas. — John Griffin-Wiesner

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