June 6, 2023

Now Shipping: The Crucible Microfiber Super Woobie

on Jan 6, 2023

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Yes, it’s weird that I have put so much effort into making a custom rag. Yes, you could take an old gym sock or T-shirt, soak it in oil and get a similar result. But also yes: I would buy this custom rag if I didn’t already own one.

The Crucible Microfiber Super Woobie is our favorite (by far) microfiber towel – one that I have been using since 2011. We’ve embroidered it with “Don’t Despair: Nothing Without Labour,” plus a friendly bee.

I have been using this oil-soaked towel every day for 11 years to wipe down my tools before putting them away. It is a ritual that I look forward to because I know it works. Even though we live in the humid Ohio River Valley, I have zero corrosion on my steel tools. This towel holds a lot of oil, it dispenses it in a nice amount and it resists dirt. I’ve never had to launder my woobie.

To make these woobies special, we had a Covington, Ky., embroidery shop add “Don’t Despair: Nothing Without Labour” to the towel. The expression is one that shows up in literature in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. And is one we agree with.

We also added a bee. Bees have long been the symbol of industrious working people, especially woodworkers. The Super Woobies are $23 and are available for immediate shipment.

Back in Stock

Our machine shop has been working weekends to keep up with tool production. We are still behind on our Lump Hammers, though they should be back in stock later this week. We now have a good stock of Crucible Sliding Bevels. So if you have been waiting for one, act now. 

And, finally, we finally have lots of Lost Art Press woodworking pencils in stock. These USA-made pencils have been a strong seller. They are outstanding for woodworking because they are thicker than typical pencils and have a lead that marks well on wood. And they come in a nice box (also made in the USA).

— Christopher Schwarz

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