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As the weather warms and the days get longer, it’s natural to tackle cleaning projects you’ve ignored all winter. It’s also a perfect time to think about downsizing before moving to a new home at Applewood Pointe of Westminster.

Applewood Pointe, a new senior cooperative for people 62-plus near Standley Lake in Westminster, offers the chance to enjoy retirement without worrying about lawn mowing or other home maintenance projects.

Molly Goenner, director of sales for Applewood Pointe, knows most people’s biggest fear about downsizing is deciding what to do with a lifetime of possessions.

“Many people think, ‘I need to have a three-room home, so I have a guest room and a sewing or craft room,’ but you don’t,” she says.

When you move to Applewood Pointe, you don’t have to donate or throw away your possessions. Instead, you can donate books to your new home’s library, tools to the woodworking shop, and sewing machines and other supplies to the craft room.

You’ll also have access to your own 25-square-foot, climate-controlled storage closet. And when you have visitors, you can reserve a guest suite at Applewood Pointe.

With Applewood Pointe’s construction timeline, you have about two years to plan and prepare for your move.

Learn about the benefits of cooperative living

When you buy into a cooperative, you have two primary costs: a share cost, which is the down payment, and monthly carrying charges, which cover living costs including utilities, maintenance, insurance premiums and tax payments, Goenner says.

When you buy a share, you become a member, and membership provides many advantages of single-family ownership like tax breaks and home appreciation.

A simple deposit

Pay a $500 refundable deposit to secure your spot on the Applewood Pointe reservation list. When sales reach 60% of total homes, people come in based on reservation numbers to select their new home and its location in the building.

With two-bedroom, two-bath floor plans with ample storage space, choose whether your 1,150- to 1,890-square-foot home has a sunroom or a den.

You also choose how much you want to invest, from 20% with a higher monthly fee or 40%, 60% or 80% for a successively lower monthly payment. This investment serves as the down payment for your new home.

The monthly payment includes your mortgage, property tax, insurance, reserves, landscaping, interior and exterior maintenance, cable TV, Wi-Fi, a dedicated heated parking spot and so much more. You need to pay for electricity and get a contents insurance policy (H06).

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