June 6, 2023

DIY Adirondack Bench Plan (with Cupholders!)

on Jan 6, 2023

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Build your own outdoor bench for lounging. This DIY double chair Adirondack bench seats two people and includes 2 cupholders, a reclined back, and comfortable wide deep seat. 

For more outdoor seating options, build a DIY redwood and concrete outdoor bench or a drink cooler patio table with matching benches. 

Diy 2 Seat Adirondack Bench Woodworking Plan Dimensions, Remodelaholic


DIY Adirondack Bench Plans

We’re so excited to add our single Adirondack chair plans and this double Adirondack chair/Adirondack bench plan to our outdoor Furniture woodworking plan collection!

Both the Adirondack chair and this matching bench will be right at home sitting around a fire pit, enjoying the backyard shade, or lounging on the porch or patio…. or in a fire pit pergola like Lauren and Brett built!

And the best part is that this both the chair and the double seat Adirondack bench are easy to build and include CUPHOLDERS in each arm rest!

Matching Adirondack Chair And Bench Plans, Remodelaholic

Some of our favorite features of this Adirondack bench are the

  • wide comfortable seat, for sharing or lounging all by yourself
  • reclined backrest for a nice mid-summer nap
  • strong and sturdy frame – no wimpy outdoor chairs here!
  • wide armrests with cupholders
  • versatile style to finish, paint, or stain in any color or wood stain

Get the printable Adirondack bench plans

The printable premium plans include

  • step-by-step detailed instructions
  • a full material shopping list
  • lumber cut list
  • comprehensive diagrams for those angle cuts that look tricky (but aren’t) such as the back legs, front legs, back support, seat slats, and curved back slats
  • printable template to trace and trim the backrest slats for the classic Adirondack chair back curved cuts

Materials and Tools

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This easy beginner woodworking project uses just cedar 2×4, 1×6, and 1×4 lumber (full materials list included in the plans).

We recommend cedar or redwood boards for outdoor Furniture due to their natural weather resistant properties. You can use less expensive pine or what’s commonly called “whitewood” – it just won’t last as long and has to be painted or treated with an outdoor finish.

Note that cedar lumber can vary in thickness, but the variation won’t impact the dimensions as you build your Adirondack chair.

When choosing your lumber, watch for boards with knots or other imperfections that might not look as good or be as easy to sand smooth.

This classic Adirondack chair is held together using wood glue and exterior wood screws (or deck screws) — easy to build with materials you can purchase at any lumber yard or hardware store.  No need for lag bolts or washers or anything more complicated than glue and screws here.

You’ll need just a few common tools to build your own Adirondack chair: 

  • Circular Saw
  • Drill/Driver (to pre-drill pilot holes and drive screws)
  • Jigsaw/3 ½” Hole Saw
  • Countersink drill bits
  • Miter Saw/ Table Saw  (optional)

Get the plans here from the Remodelaholic Shop and get building!

More DIY outdoor benches to build:

  • Built-in Deck Benches and End Tables
  • DIY Redwood and Concrete Outdoor Bench
  • Quick and Easy Farmhouse Bench with Angled Legs

DIY Adirondack Bench With Cupholder, Easy Beginner Woodworking Plan PDF, Remodelaholic

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