June 6, 2023

Cut Flat Dados on a Round Surface

on Jan 7, 2023

Woodworking is the art of crafting wooden products from raw wood. Woodworking has a lengthy history, the roots of the craft can be traced back as far as 10,000 years.

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I needed to cut stopped grooves on a round surface – and while I could have cut them on the stock while it was square, then proceed to turn it on the lathe, I didn’t want to worry about catching my turning gouge on a groove and causing tearing out (or worse).

So, after considering (then rejecting) some kind of router jig, I figured out a way to use my router plane. I often use “joiners saddles” (V-shaped blocks) to hold round work at the bench. So, I cut one of my saddles in half at the apex of the “V,” then screwed each piece to my router plane on either side of the blade.

A little trial and error got me to the correct angles for the fences for my particular workpiece.  -Derek Olson

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