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Creating a sugar bucket or firkin

Tim Killen recreates this Shaker piece from his childhood.

By Tim Killen Sep 12, 2022

Sugar bucket recreation and its corresponding Sketchup model

Recently I’ve been working on several Shaker projects including oval boxes.  While doing boxes, another object came to my mind—a sugar bucket in my house as a child. I checked with siblings, and we found the original bucket in my brother’s house. He sent photos and dimensions so I could reconstruct the design in SketchUp. I quickly built the reproduction in redwood, walnut, and pine.

Here is the Exploded View showing all of the SketchUp model’s components.

Here are the first steps in creating the model; that is, making the shape of the bottom and top with 12 sides, and the start of creating a stave.

Then I copy-rotated the rough staves. This identifies the exact bevel required for the staves to fit properly.

Here is a finished stave with the edge bevels required to make the bucket including the groove for the bottom.

And here is the video going through many of the steps in SketchUp to create the bucket.



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