Instagram Answers: Your Questions Answered

Ready to use Instagram but have a few things on your mind? You are not alone. So many questions concerning Instagram fill your mind and you wonder where to find the answers. There isn’t exactly an easy way to contact support with your questions, but nonetheless they’re on the top of your mind. Never fear, for some of your most prominent answers are below. With this information, you’re ready to use Instagram the way that it should be used and benefit the most.

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Is Instagram Easy to Use?

Instagram is super easy to use and doesn’t take a lot of time to familiarize yourself with, so once you make an account, you’ll be using it in no time. People of all ages create an account in a matter of minutes and begin posting photos, videos, and other content after they choose a few people to follow. You can follow family, friends, businesses, and celebrities on IG and even make your own fan page or business page if you desire.

Reasons to Use Instagram

Instagram is the second-most popular social media site in the world. It’s a FB-owned site that people love to use. There are tons of features on IG that help it stand out from other sites. And, there are more than 300 million uses on the site each day. It is easy to make new friends, promote your service or business, and keep in touch with people hat you know while sharing valuable content using the site.

How Old is the Average Instagram User?

Most of the people on the site are between the ages of 18 – 30. However, users of all ages can be found on the site. Businesses with products and services targeting people in these age ranges do exceptionally well using IG.  Additionally, users from around the world have IG accounts. Most IG users are located in the U.S. and in Russia!

Can My Business Benefit From using Instagram?

Your business can profit from using Instagram. Simply create a Business Account and look for ways to build fans and followers. When you learn how to get real followers on Instagram you can almost ensure success if you back that with great products and services. You can also buy followers if you wish. Using IG puts your brand on the forefront of success and if you promote and market the right way, it is easy to build a name for yourself.

What Type of Tools Can I Use on Instagram?

Hashtags should be included in all of the photos that you post. Hashtags help your content become visible to more people. They should describe your company and the photo. Stats suggest that you get the most results when using 15+ hashtags. Filters are also available and make it easy to enhance any photo that you post. Colors, stickers, and more are available to improve the look of your photo. These tools are just a couple of the many that are available to use on Instagram.


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